part on the handlebars or over the rear wheel, and also trycycle
arrangements. It was all very bewildering at first for I
tried to see everything at once and of course couldn't. The
people are such fun to watch and so many bits of real
Japan stuck in corners of the Modern parts. Its like any
other city. Boston included, you have to look to find the typical
parts any where.

Later evening and
quite weary calves
to the legs
To continue where I left off. I hated to leave Yokohama
station for there were so many people that were fun to watch -
but naturally we had to go. The train is quite rapid. All electric
and something like a subway but with nice blue plush up -
bolstery. I was google eyed before we had gone half way, for
one can see the monument to grandpa from the train and
Pete remembered it was on a {word struck out: 'hill' above}on our left hand side,
and a fifteen minute walk from Omori. which direction
the walk was in he couldn't tell, but any way he kept
an eagle eye out for it. Its a bit confusing trying to
tell where one is, for though you know the name of the
station, you are completely at sea when confronted with
a lot of characters. I'd forgotten that Japan wouldn't
be written our way. Such a lot to see as there was, tiny
streets, grey wooden houses. bits of gardens. washing
hanging on bamboo poles instead of {word struck out} lines. flower
pots with tiny trees on window sills. Little babies being
lugged about on peoples backs. other children like bright

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