balls wrapped in so much clothing. Bycycles everywhere,
people carrying every kind of thing on either end of a
pole balanced on the shoulder. Men and women hoeing
in gardens with the kind of hoe grandpa described.
It was all so interesting and hard to believe. Then the
fences along the railroad made of charred wooden ties,
and making an irregular and very attractive stout fence.
How much better than burning old ties as they do in
states and Canada. We noticed too any new buildings
going up had very elaborate bamboo scafolding all
carefully tied together. but instead of looking hit or
miss by being made of old boards, it looked very neat
and well put together. In Tokio they have straw
matting over the whole thing, to protect the people on
the street from anything that might be flung away
by the men. In the midst of all this we almost forgot
the monument, and then suddenly it flashed by and
I saw it, though Pete missed it. There really are two
monuments one on the railway, and the other higher
up on the spot grandpas' old pupil Sasaki insists
it should be. He is the only pupil left I believe.

Well we were soon in Tokio, and Pete knowing the
ropes made it very easy. We came straight to the Imperial
Hotel and made ourselves known. We were told to say
that we were connected with the Canadian Pacific by
Mr Vienol & the agent in Yokohama, with the result we
have a room and bath for five dollars a day - Its a most
interesting hotel, and do get the Autobiography of Frank
Lloyd Wright out of the library and if you don't read it
all do read the part about building this place. He built

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