it on the Cantilever theory so that it would give and sway
or bend during an earthquake, and it was the only building
of its size that did stand then. As a matter of fact it is
all out of line now and there are several cracks. but
they don't matter for they are planned for. It is very
intersting and modern. made of yellowish brick & stone
but we rather like it. but more of it later.

Our bags didn't arrive for some time so we waited a
bit & then called Mr 'Miyaoka?'. We'd only received my
letter this morning and was all excited. Said he would
come down in an hour. So we had lunch and waited
for him. They came about two and Pete recognized them
as they came in the door. Mr Miyaoka looking very spry
in his diplomatic clothes, as he calls his cutaway, but
Mrs Miyaoka had Japanese dress and a fur neck scarf
was the only foreign thing. She looked so lovely in her
dark kimono and I noticed once or twice a touch of red
that showed of another kimono underneath. only when
she moved her arms. We talked and chatted and had
a very pleasant time for they are such fun, and then
they suggested they take us around a bit.

The only way I can think to describe it would be to
compare it with the equivalent in Boston, but even
then it won't sound as strenous as it was. We drove
first by the moat of the Imperial Palace and then headed
for an exhibition of modern painting. This was being held
in a department store. say like R. H. Whites during a Christmas

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