rush for it was crowded. The exhibition was very interesting
and we saw one painting of a cock and hen painted with
a few strokes that was a wonder. It was one of Seiko -
the artist who's sketches were in the group grandpa had
of ink drawings. It was far ahead of anything else. It
was interesting that a lot of the modern things are like
the trash they paint in the States. cubistic, only these
were crude in color. poor perspective & too crowded looking.
After this exhibit we saw a bit of the store including a
dog show. My eyes were popping and so were Petes.
for we had to see the people in the crowd, the wares for
sale and keep an eye on the Miyaokas who seemed
to dart through the crowds with the greatest ease. After
this store we got into the car again, (the traffic really
isn't bad, its just that its so unexpected. The object seems
to be, to go around as many corners as possible, as
fast as possible, blowing the horn as loud as possible
and just missing as many bycycles. children and
pedestrians as possible) We drove through the banking
district and entered the most complicated department
store I've ever seen. We {word struck out: 'saw'} met a man belonging to
the store who led us through at a more rapid pace
than even the Miyaokas' and we saw another very
fine exhibition, and two other remarkably fine paintings.
They were all done on silk eventually to be made into
kakimons'. Again we picked the two pictures by the two
most celebrated artists which was rather fun. After
this one of the managers invited us into a private dining
room connected with the restaurant and we had some
delicious tea - I've never mentioned at all the amount

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