of bowing and scraping that goes on. Whenever Mr Miyaoka
met a friend they each bent twice very low and soon
Pete & I were bowing too. Its very catching, and seems to
be the least one can do to be polite. Every time the girl
set down a dish of tea she would bow first, having
already bowed several times bringing the tray of cups in.
It was tree thirty by this time and Mrs Miyaoka
had to leave having a tea party at four. Mr Miyaoka
didn't want to get home until it was over so it was
really then we started to look around. We went up and
down in elevators, landing on top of the roof in a wonderful
roof garden and childrens swings. Then down through
other departments, finally on about the fourth floor we
were outside a theater. We went in to see some puppets
but it was already jammed with Japanese. I'm sure we
met only one other white person all afternoon. One Japanese
lady was sitting in an aisle seat nursing a little boy,
and after he finished his meal he ran down the aisle,
being easily two or three years old. All the children look
so healthy with rosy cheeks, and we realized there were
no real rozy cheeks in all of the Hawaiian islands. Every
one is brown or very pale. But to continue. The theater was
too crowded so we left and followed the man round
and round until we suddenly came to the entrances of
a subway. Where we all bowed & thanked him again
and boarded a train. We leaped off at the next station

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