Pete and I having no real idea where we were going, and much
to our surprise we were in another large department store.
Again we went up in elevators and this time landed in
a very interesting exhibition, more crowded that anything
yet. There were lots of miniature scenes, lit up very attractively
depicting events in history or maybe the life of the Emperor
Meiji. After twenty - five or thirty scenes in miniature so
beautifully done, we came to a large room full of cases,
all sorts of documents, armor, swords or at least blades.
screens. and rolls of writing. one that to us was the same
as the rest, had been written by the emperor I believe. for
everyone on reading it removed their hat. It was all very
interesting though Pete & I weren't very sure what it was
all about. We then left the big stores and started to walk
home. I should imagine about as fas as from Jordan 'Marshes?'{dep store Mass}
all the way up to the Somerset Hotel. The street was evidently
having a subway built under it and the sidewalks which
were made of cement blocks a foot square were all messed up.
uneven, dirt places in between and a generally uneven
walking place with blocks to step over. It added to the amount
we had to watch and it really was a lively walk. The Ginza
or main {word struck out: 'walking'} shopping street was the one we walked down and
Mr Miyaoka wanted to show us what a mixture of stores there
were. It was like any city which has to be built up after a
fire and right next to a beautiful store with 'shrines?' would
be a cheap place. Music blaring forth, lots of noise and
bright colors. Something like Washington street with a few
nice stores like 'Laureats?' still there. It was a wide street
with both bright green narrow street cars and busses,
and the cars all blowing horns and millions of bycycles.
It was as much as your life was worth crossing streets, and
we had to scurry across several. It was funny Mr Miyaoka

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