out of there a taxi stopped trying to get us to ride. We stood
on the sidewalk trying to decide what to do. The taxi blocked
the street (this was a smaller side street) and two cars behind
it began blowing their horns to make him move. However it had no
affect though they kept their hands on the horn and such a noise.
Even people inside looked out to see what was causing the comotion.
When we walked on the taxi moved but not till then, and all during
the [...] Mr Miyaoka was trying to tell us something. The system
here is to blow horns almost continually. It sounds like France.
After the hosiery we went to a very nice little place upstairs,
and had English tea. toast and jam, and then set out again
this time to land us at the hotel about six o'clock, just as
the horses were being taken into the theater for the evening show.
The theater is across the street from our room, and at noon we
saw two horses being led up to the Stage entrance, maybe I wrote
about this. They each had straw shoes on their feet to protect
the stage floor, and they did look funny. Its been such
fun watching the people go by on the street. Pete has promised
to draw a sketch of a boy we saw tonight, {struck out: 'balanceup'} riding
bycycle through a crowded district and balancing on one
hand as a waiter would a tray with two cups of tea or rice.
{struck out: 'on'} You do see the most astonishing things. {struck out: 'After'} Mr
left as we reached the hotel, thinking by then the ladies party
would be over and he could safely go home. After supper we
were so weary we came up to bed and I started this letter
or at least continued it until I got too sleepy to write more -
and now it is another evening and another full day to tell
you of. It was very fortunate that we arrived on a weekend
as Saturday afternoon and Sunday Mr Miyaoka is free.
Pete woke early and had a walk before breakfast and before
I knew he had gone or come back. but even then I was
up before eight. Mr Miyaoka came for us soon after ten
and took us to see the Emperor Meiji's {word struck out} shrine and the

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