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Imperial Hotel
x National Gallery. I haven't even told you yet that we are here
at just the right season. The plum blossums, pink and white
are the only sign of spring, otherwise it is much like winter,
but it will give us a chance to get sort of organized before the
real spring arrives. The days are spring like but compared to
the summer green of Honolulu it looks still pretty wintry. I
wish you could see the wonderful coverings that some of the
choice shrubs still have on. They are made of straw and
x look like a series of todstools. I'll try to sketch the idea for
[left column sketch of five multi-teired pointed shoots drawn in pencil, all grouped together and pointing off to the top left or top right away from the bases]
[right column] you. Some are on shrubs over ten feet
[right column] high and look like a bouquet.
[right column] [indent] Mr Miyaoka has already telephoned
[right column] numerous people that we are here and
[right column] is doing a great deal more than he should
[right column] for us, but I know he enjoys doing
[right column] what he can for us for your sake. He
[right column] said Today, that when you and Uncle
John were here that he was older than Uncle John, but that he
used to be a playmate of Uncle John his and that you were
the one who appreciated his being kind to your brother, for
Uncle John was too young to understand everything then.
[indent] Mr Miyaoka had a car and we drove to the [illegible crossed out]
Emperor Meigis Shrine. He was Emperor when you were
here. We were left at one entrance of the large grounds
or park that surrounds the shrine and with all the other
pilgrims (or really people) walked through the gate. There
were bus loods of Japanese people and some came in
cars, but such a lot as there were. All the women were

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