Imperial Hotel

several pieces of paper {word struck out} in curls about a foot or more
in length, like wood shavings after planing. Mr Miyaoka
explained it was the sign to tell people to keep off the
platform. Evidently it was a place for priests to purify
themselves before entering the shrine. But it was such an
attractive way to say "Keep off". on the left was another
shelter, a fountain where people purified themselves. Wind
and water are both purifiers. The Priest can purify one
by waving his hand or something back & forth to make wind.
but the water is used by everyone. The fountain was in a
large stone square place. You stepped up to it and the top
came to ones waist, there were a great many wooden bamboo
dippers, round on the end with sides and a long handle.
People would drink the water and rinse their mouths and
also wash their hands. {struck out: 'In another place'} to be well purified
before entering the shrine. Another building was where
you took your babies who were making their first pilgrimage
to the shrine and either they bought something or the priest
waved something over them. Im not quite sure what happened
but one tiny baby was there. Im behind on the right were
the buildings {word struck out: 'wh'} corresponding to a rectory, where the priest
or monks or whatever they are resided. As we went to the
gate of the inner raised court, there were two priest coming
out followed by a bride. They passed before we got a
very good look, so perhaps one of the priests was really a groom.

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