We stepped over a sort of sill in the gate. I believe the
gate itself wasn't open just doors in the gate. In the
center of the minor court was the shrine, about 10 feet
above the level of the court, {word struck out: 'and'} an open sort of platform
with a roof over it and a flight of rather steep steps
all along the side we faced as we entered. At the top of
the steps under the roof was a sort of trough lined with
white cloth and into which coins were thrown. Every
one was bowing very low and in an efforts to do what
was right it was hard to see everything. There were lots
of people there too. Then we went out another entrance
and examined the fountain on that side which was
not as crowded. The water bubbled up in the center
and overflowed the side into a gutter {word struck out} at the base
of the tub part. The bottom of which was lined with
round stones. Then we walked out another way -
nearly half a mile I should say. Some beautiful
open stretches with trees bordering the lawn. At one
place we came to a lovely pavillion where people were
eating their lunch. In the center a person selling post cards
and a man making tea which people could evidently have.
on the right were three or four sections with straw matting
and all filled with different families have tea and
lunch in Japanese style. In the left hand side of the
{'illegible'} shaped pavilion were tables and benches for those
who prefered them. Everything was very quiet and
orderly and nothing about the building showed any
wear and tear, like grandpa I couldn't help but

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