was about three inches thick and tied together with [th..ys]
in a sort of design like this. Its a bad drawing but gives some
[left column sketch of a bamboo fence, pencil drawing]
[right column] idea of what I mean. It looked so neat and yet was
[right column] a light sort of fence.

[right column] Then we went to the Memorial Building to the
[right column] Emperor Meiji which is on high ground at the
[right column] end of a long avenue, built of stone and very
[right column] imposing. As the Lincoln Memorial is. The trees
surrounded the building and along the road were also quite
recently planted though quite large trees.

At the Entrance was a little stand, such as
one might 'use?' to hang fire irons on, pokers etc. On which were
hung little feather dusters with handles two feet long, a
[left column drawing of a feather duster with long handle, pencil drawing]
[right column] convenient length to dust ones shoes off. Then by
[right column] walking across three mats, two wet, your boot soles
[right column] were fairly clean. There were boxes of shoe covers at
[right column] the door, and little Japanese girls to help find you the
[right column] right size and help you put them on. People wearing
[right column] Japanese clogs (or whatever they are called) were given straw
[right column] ones to wear. The things we put over our shoes were made
[right column] of cloth with an elastic around the hole in the top, but
[right column] with heels were a bit hard to keep on. There were lots of
people going in & coming out all the time. We walked up stairs,
a white canvas being stretched where anyone should walk.
the plan of the building was like this {arrow from 'this' to sketch on left column}, similar to the Art Museum
[left column sketch of building, pencil drawing]
[right column] in Boston where you come up stairs
[right column] into a rotunda then turn to the right
[right column] into a large gallery. The walls were
[right column] beautifully finished in a dark
stained oak forming frames for large pictures representing
scenes in the life of the Emperor. Some spaces were left bare
as the picture was evidently not finished, but the subject

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