had some money changed. They still use those bead things to
figure with, for they are very rapid. and count your money
'it?' little basket plates. They seemed very busy in the bank
which was very modern as to building but crowded with
paper littered [s..ll] top desks.

We then went to the department store and the first person
we saw as Mr Miyaoka's friend who had led us the other
day. We asked for Leica equipment and he tore off, both
of us after him. He got a very nice young man to help
us who spoke a good deal of English, and he helped us get
the developer, for the films we have been looking for. Also a
wonderful tripod. Then to a place for a watch strap which
was in the comb department & hair ornaments. and then
took me to the silk stockings, size ten is so large it must
be ordered {word struck out: illegible} specially. Then to the restaurant where it
was 'fanned?' two different ones. We decided to eat else
where. I heard Pete ask for the Mens washroom and
previous to that he had told us he would show us where the
Leica store was. So after an attempt at the restaurant Pete
again mentioned the washroom. Off we started through various
departments, down an {letter struck out:'d'} elevator out the front door. I wondered
at their not having a mens room in the store, but as we
crossed the street decided it was a public place some where,
Still we went on. So I decided it was in a hotel we were
rapidly approaching, but soon we were past that. I was
more and more bewildered until at last I saw the
Leica store in the distance. He had forgotten the washroom.
We found the Leica store a wonderful place. The boy
left us by then returning to his store. though he had taken
us several blocks. He couldn't have been nicer. The man
in the Leica store was German, could speak English very
well Japanese too and we found all sorts of things we
have been wanting and which are far cheaper here. One

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