Plan in 1928 to Enthrone Pu-Yi Is Revealed
With Arrival Here of Manchukuo Premier
On his first visit to Japan since 1928,
When according to one newspaper, he
came here secretly to persuade the
Japanese Government to place Henry
Pu-Yi on the throne of Manchukuo,
Mr. Cheng Hsiao-hsu, Premier of the
Manchukuo Government, arrived in
Kobe from Dairen with a large suite
yesterday as a messenger from the
Manchukuo Emperor to the Emperor
of Japan. He will thankJapan's ruler
for assistance extended in the enthronement
at Changechun last March
The Nippon Shimbun, a Tokyo
newspaper of nationalistic inclinations
and deep interest in Chinese politics,
said few persons knew that Mr. Cheng
came here six years ago from Tientsin,
where he was living with Mr. Pu-Yi
to ask Japan's support in placing the
Manchu scion on the Throne.
Mr. Cheng, greeted by a throng
estimated by Nippon Dempo and Rengo
at 10,000, went from the pier at
Kobe to the Oriental hotel, where the
Premier recalled that 40 years ago he
was a Chinese vice-counsul in Kobe.
He was met by Mr.Tatsujiro Tanaka,
55, who was an office boy in the Chinese
Mr. Cheng is accompanied by Finance
Minister Hsi Hsia of Manchukuo
and other notables. The party left
for Tokyo at 9:45 o'clock last night on a
special train dispatched by the Imperial
Household Department, and will
arrive at Tokyo station at 9:20 o' clock
this morning, where the Premier and
other visitors will be greeted by a
large number of Japanese officials.
After a rest of the Imperial Court the
party will proceed to the Palace and
after that will begin a round of calls.

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