Imperial Hotel

{right column} Thursday, March 29, 1934,

Dearest Mother,

Here I am days behind in writing you, and I thought
maybe I never would have a chance to catch up for we were
supposed to go out to supper tonight with 'Urimatsei?' who was
in Banff last summer, but on account of the 'snow storm' {underlined}
(please note this is underlined) he left a note asking us to
postpone it until some time next week as it is quite a walk
in the country from the station. It has been snowing since
early this morning, though at first it didn't stay on the ground,
but there is a good three inches now, about six o'clock and every
thing is so pretty. But the only way to tell you every thing is to
start at the beginning - at least where I left off in a hurry the
other day.

The streets at night are probably as fascinating a thing
as you would ever want to see. It felt more like walking through
attractive scenery in opera than anything else I can think of,
for the houses and buildings and stores all seemed on a scale
only a little larger than play house and doll size but much
smaller than most city streets, where narrow roads give one the
feeling of great height. These streets we wandered about were
off the main thorough fares and some had room for just two
cars to squeeze by, there being no side walks, others were
narrower and some of the alley ways were so very narrow
that one had to turn sideways almost to get through. they
reminded me of the [.l.ses] in Edingburgh. Monday was evidently
the first real spring night being quite balmy and everyone
seemed to be out, just strolling up and down. Everyone seemed
to be Japanese but us and the larger percentage were in costume.
The lights were perfect. The soft light through paper screens and

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