The man in the gray cloak was still there and we wondered if
he were there to attract customers. There were various things we
wanted to buy: most improbable things and much to our surprise
we found them in these booths. Pete needed some little leather bags
to put his camera lenses in and we found a man who evidently
made bags of all {letter struck out: 'f'} sizes. What for I can't think. They were long and
narrow, a string at the top with a bead on it. you hold the
string, push the bead towards the top of the bag, and the bead
keeps it closed. We got three bags of soft leather for 15 cents - then
we needed a foot of rubber hose, for the developing tank, and to our
surprise we came to a booth where a lady had among other things
reels of rubber hose as one might sell ribbon. There were long
underwear booths, toys, bric a brac, though how people got all
the stuff back and forth I couldn't imagine. Two men with
{letter struck out} toy pipes they were blowing to make a little {word struck out} ball rise in
the air, both men looking so serious and very cross eyed as they
watched the ball. Every kind of thing was for sail and even
{word struck out} books as they have them in Paris. It was all such fun
and its so interesting to see how they display things. The
strawberries so carefully laid out on green stuff in boxes. The fresh
wrapped in cellophane etc. Everything is interesting. Its fun to be
able to go anywhere in the city and feel perfectly safe. Not many
large cities you can do that. One thing that I was crazy about
was a little stand, like a peanut stand at home that a man
pushes round, and then stays on some particular corner for
business. There was one of these things attached to a bicycle I
think and where you could buy rice and a little food, just
something to eat, but the part that intrigued me. was that the
thing was made like a building in bright new wood. Japanese style -
little sliding windows balconys and all, beautifully done, like a
big doll house.

I thought - I was going to get a lot written tonight while Pete
was developing films, but either I have to go in and hold some
thing or else I'm left in total darkness for ten minutes. However
most of the rest he has to do can be done with one light on.

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