Imperial Hotel

Tuesday morning we went downstairs for something and there was
an air of great excitement almost more people than the day before
and we knew by the paper that the two men from Manchukuo were
to deliver their message to the Emperor of Japan from the new Emperor Pu Yi -
More pictures were being taken in the garden, and as everyone else
had cameras someone told Pete he could use his. After the garden scene
was snapped, the photographers, about thirty hurried out to the drive -
way, so as to be less conspicuous we went up onto a balcony over
the front entrance. Out on the main street was a row of men on
horseback, part of the Imperial guard I think. All dressed in red
and looking very grand on horse back. 'Hebaya?' Park across the
road was lined with people. Then two carriages drove in, all
covered with emerald green {word struck out: 'silk'} brocaded silk. They looked
like caskets but a bit too gay - They drew up where we could
see nicely. The footman and driver jumped down off each
and began preparing the carriages to take the Premier and minister
to the Palace. The green covering was carefully rolled off and
folded up. {word struck out: 'then'} and underneath were - beautiful closed carriages -
the windows were taken out and slipped into the door some how,
the back folded into place, and two of the most gorgeous
carriages appeared upholstered in pale grayish brocade, maybe
it was gold and silver. The 'footmen?' had white plumes across
the top of their hats, and it was a sight, a beautiful spring
day too. We were at this crucial moment hustled off the
balcony, because no one is allowed in Japan to look down
from above on anyone higher than themselves. Luckily a very
nice Japanese fellow, realised our plight and showed us
a way downstairs through corridors and up outside, where
we could see the carriages drive by. We were just in time
The Premier in the first carriage, in his long dark dress and

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Park across the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo is Hibiya Park. Did not find alternate spelling.