single Chinese hat with a red ball on top. A man in plumes
sitting opposite him. Then the next Imperial carriage with the
minister, followed by five other open carriages, only black
and not as elaborate with various dignitaries, top hats and
all. It was a remarkable thing to see and it is a very rare
occasion when there is a reason for the Imperial carriages to
be used.

We had just gotten back to the room when a caller arrived -
a Mr Nagasawa who was sent by Dr Anesaki, to take us to
the Imperial University then if we cared or any time, We
decided to go right then, and so got ready. By the time we were
out on the street all the traffic was being stopped for it was
time for the Premier and party to return from the Palace. So
we waited. It was interesting to see the crowd of people on the side
walk. All very orderly. they weren't allowed to cross the side streets
or more from where they were. All traffic was halted. Then we
could see them coming and soon the men on horse back trotted
by, a 'Banza ?' for the Premier from the people. More horses
after the two Imperial coaches. then the other carriages. I think
a few more horses and then a little brown car full of
officers, and a policeman on a bycycle which struck me
as rather incongruous.

Mr Nagasawa took us up to the Library of the University.
It was the {last letter struck out} first time we had driven along the inner moat,
where he told us that all streets leading there are irregular and
were planned that way, so in case of invasion it would be
harder to reach the Palace. there being no direct road leading
to it. Then up through the streets you probably have walked on.
and some stores and shops you may have been in. for lots of
places can't have changed. Then through the Red gate, a {letter stuck out}
very old red Laquer gate way. a large gate in the center and
{illegible: 'a'} smaller one on either side. It was there when you were -
We went to the waiting room next Dr Anesaki's office. I never
realized that {word struck out: 'heas'} he was the librarian of the library, but is retiring
this spring as he is now sixty (or maybe seventy, no sixty)

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cheers are 'Bansai'. found no reference for 'Banza'