there, about half way between the Red Gate to where the Professors
lived. They thought it was there then. Also two large trees 200
years old, looked like Maples are near where the Professors Houses
were. Dr Anesaki showed us the old wooden building he had
lived in when he was in college 15 years after Grandpa was there
(must be sixty not seventy) We also saw the large hall with
unusually wonderful [e...rastics]. Then went back to the

The library is very large and a useful sort of building,
built with extra pillars very thick and every few feet inside,
so it seems. By useful I mean that most of the space
inside is utilized. There is one very large room. with
long windows, used on special occasions with a long long
table in the center and chairs. Along one side up high are
Photographic Portraits of the {word struck out: 'various'} Presidents of the University
and under them is a beautiful case divided into four
sections, in memory of the four men who gave their libraries
to the university. There is a large photograph of each man. The
one of Grandpa is excellent. the one looking at the tea jar.
enlarged to about 16 by 18 inches. It is a beautiful enlargement
and couldn't be a better portrait. I don't usually like large
photographs of people, but this doesn't seem so large. I
imagine because of the room being so big. Also in the same
case was a copy of the letter from John D. Rockefeller for
giving the money necessary to rebuild the library. I never
realized before he had done that. I think it was a million
dollars. Then there were some ashes and burnt glass
and all that remained of the previous library. It was
all very nicely done and if possible we will try to take
a picture of it for you. Dr Anesaki was awfully busy
trying to move and I felt badly to think we had taken
as much of his time, but he seemed glad to do it.
He sent us with a very nice young man who showed
us some of the books in the stacks that had belonged

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