club but really a place anyone can go. They called for us
here. Before I forget it. Mr Miyaoka had a very amusing time
telephoning Dr Sasaki. the last remaining student of Grandpas.
He couldn't make him understand who I was. for he only knew
you were a young girl and didn't see how in the world you
were old enough to have a daughter. far less a married daughter.
We are to call on him later.

Pete enjoyed the Rotary, and I loved the Sukiaki. They
have a large room in Japanese style. mats, kakimona and
all. with little low tables with an electric {word struck out: illegible} plate in the center
for the girl to cook on. The tables are seperated by square
screens and its really very nice. I was quite proud of myself
as I sat nearly all the time the right way. The curtains on
the windows facing the Imperial Palace were all down until a
certain time, as the Empress was to go out, and no one must
look down on the Palace at such a time - even if you couldn't
see her.

The beef sukiyaki was wonderful. First we were served a
sort of tea with some seaweed flavor. May be it was all seaweed, very
refreshing. Then in the little pan the girl put fat, then soya
sauce. some meat in very thin slices (I hate to think how
many I ate) then sugar, vegetables. bamboo and a sort of
water cress. To add more cooking stuff they added thin soup.
The flavor is perfectly delicious, and you usually take a
raw egg, beat it up well in a cup and dip every thing
into it before putting it into your mouth. It will never burn
then. You ought to provide 'But?' with more raw eggs! We
had rice too, and then a sort of pickled vegetable to
finish off with and a sweet I couldn't eat. I forgot. to
start with they bring one a steaming face cloth in a little
basket to wipe your hands and afterwards another. We
also ate a Tangerine orange. I guess I'm sleepy its after
eleven now.

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