to begin our first lesson that afternoon.

A large thick flannel sort of cloth is spread on the floor on
which the rolls of paper are laid. Old Sword guards being
used as paper weights to hold the paper in position as you paint.
Each person sits in Japanese fashion on a flat cushion at
the edge of the flannel or felt maybe it is. There is a large
bowl divided into three parts, or [ti..], holding water. An ink
stone, a folded piece of cloth to dry the brush on and a brush
for everyone. We all sat around the felt on which was every
thing we could possibly need. Beside us were charcoal
burners to warm our hands on, and we were all set to
paint. A young boy - a student of Mr Hotlas helps in any
way he can, grinding the ink, rather rubbing it on the stone,
bringing tea and running to a store for more paper, brushes,
or whatever we need. Mr Hotla then painted for each of us
bamboo. Showing us the way to hold the brush and all.
He does everything so easily and cleverly, it is worth taking
lessons just to watch him paint. We tried all afternoon
to paint bamboo and its really surprising how difficult it is.
Every little while tea would be brought. Japanese tea after the
first 'Foreign?' cup. and then on a plate with a tiny fork was
what appeared to be a bright pink Easter egg. but which really
was that sweet made out of beans ground into a sickish paste.
The color was the last touch, but I managed to eat mine and be
polite. I often thank you for my early training! and try every
thing once. There is nothing yet that I have been unable to
swallow. We painted until after five and then decided to return
in the morning. Mr Hotla sent out for two books for us and then
drew three lovely things in each one. He will complete the books
before we have finished.

The other morning as we were at breakfast, a girl and her
husband came into the dining room and sat only a few
tables away. I was sure it {word struck out: illegible} was Edith Eddy who graduated
from school at Wheelers a year before I did. When she saw

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