Imperial Hotel

she looked about the way I had, "it looks like the girl I went to
school with". By this time I was pretty certain, and so went over
to speak to her, and we were both right. Her name now is
pronounced "Mary Annie" - goodness knows how it is spelt, and
her husband is Italian, from Milan. He is in the diplomatic
service, and they came here only three weeks ago. The last four
years they have been stationed in Portugal, which they say is
a lovely country, unspoilt by tourists and whereas Spain is
barren. Portugal is all cultivated. They have found a house here
and move some time next week. A funny thing about the house
is that on the top floor are lots of rooms, and they thought they would
put the Servants up there. The landlord was terribly upset, it just
couldn't be done having a person of lower position living above
the master. Edith regrets exceedingly that in school one is taught
so many useless things. She said though she had years of latin
she couldn't even read the inscriptions on statues in Rome, and
had to learn Italian later - and as for running a house she
never had any training at all. She has a Japanese cook engaged
who can't speak a word of of English, and a chinese man
who says he can speak English, but neither she nor her
husband can understand anything he says. However they are
a couple with an excellent sense of humor so it shouldn't
be too bad. She is having a baby next month. They have the
dearest little girl four years old, who is remarkable I think.
She had a Portuguese nurse in Portugal and so can speak that
language (Portuguese very well & easily) since leaving on this
trip she has had a Swiss nurse, and can already speak
German. The remarkable part is that she always talks to her
father in Italian, her mother in English and her nurse in
German, and yet never confuses them. and will always

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