when repeating what one says, to another {inserted above: "speak"} in the respective
language. showing that she can translate in her mind without
difficulty. Did you ever, and only four and quite normal.
I imagine a child learns easily by sound and isn't bothered
by having to read and write.

This is all leading up to the fact that we had dinner with
them Wednesday evening, and a very pleasant time. The
husband is awfully nice and Edith is perfectly lovely looking.

I never have told you what a cosmopolitan Hotel this is.
There are always several very nice Japanese families and
really more Japanese here than all the rest put together. The
rest of the guests are from every country, and never before
have I heard so many languages in one place. English -
American, French, German (two men are an officer with
swastikas on their arms) Swedish. Chinese etc. The most
interesting part is that they all seem to be travellers and
until you hear the accents it would be hard to tell their
nationality. Another interesting thing is that I have seen no
rouge or lip stick, except on some Austrian and Russian
dancers, and then so little as to be hardly noticeable
among Americans. In Honolulu they used a heap of "paint"
and very badly. I think because there are so many people
their from California. but here all the people travelling seem
to be very simple in their ways. sensibly dressed and
no attempt to look stylish I guess. No one dresses for
dinner except for special parties. Its really an awfully
nice hotel, for people seem to be so busy seeing the country
or going about their business that they have no time to
fuss over themselves.

Thursday was yesterday, and we woke to see it snowing
outside. If my nose hadn't felt so cold I never would
have believed it. We were to go to Mr Hottas' and knowing the
only heat was from the [b.a..ers] we bundled up, took extra
thick socks to wear on our stockinged feet. Pete pulled out
his one suit of long underwear and I my woolen panties !
The snow melted as it hit the ground and I expected it
to turn to rain. However it came down thicker and thicker

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