the fourth and by the fifth time it was an old story. However
he was so tiny he couldn't do much harm. He kept trying
to find a warm place to sleep and loved our feet, as we sit
in the Japanese manner. Once he had a long nap on the soles
of Petes' feet with his nose and head under Petes' trouser leg.
Mrs Hotla evidently thought we must be cold for she produced
a foot warmer covered with a quilt, under which one put ones'
feet. It was very warm and nice.

At lunch time the boy went out and came back with a
delicious meal, hot thin soup, and a wooden box for each of
us with rice in the bottom, and three fried shrimps on top {above the line: 'called tempura'}. It
tasted very nice. tea and a tangerine to finish off with, and
then we painted some more. The Japanese spend a whole day
sitting quietly and painting, but its a long stretch for us
for we aren't as composed or leisurely about things. We were
supposed to go out for supper, and were getting a bit weary
any how so decided to leave, but the storm made a great
demand for taxis. It was perfectly lovely when we left. three
or four inches of snow on everything. The kind that sticks all
down one side of the trees. The ride back, though a bit nerve
racking as all taxi rides are, was perfectly wonderful. It was
slushy underfoot and still snowing, and men and women
alike wore high clogs. at least four inches above the ground
and a piece of leather over the {word struck out: 'feet'} toes. They must be difficult
to walk in but are so sensible. They keep ones feet well
above the slush. and don't splash, where as our shoes
would splash our own legs as we walked. The various oiled
paper umbrellas added immensely to the snowing picture,
and I never have seen anything that came up to ones
expectations so well. The grey sky - large snowflakes floating
down. gray houses, tiled roofs covered with snow, and
the bright figures teetering along on high clogs under the
picturesque umbrellas. Every side street was perfect
as we drove along. Looking across to Ueno park by the

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