was carefully lifted, turned this
way and wiped with this folded silk
in a certain way turned that way
and wiped up and ??. Then ??
spoon replaced carefully the silk
is folded into a triangle tucked into
the obi. The spoon lifted in one
hand the tea jar in the other. Two
spoonfulls measured into the cup.
the (person)? placed the spoon replaced
resting on top of jar. Then the wooden
laddle lifted (I forgot the spoon was
wrapped against the cup) a laddle
full of water lifted from (??) half only
poured into cup onto tea. other half
poured back into boiling water. (??)
the litttle whisk (??) up and
the tea was beaten together in certain
way, ending the beating gradually.
The whisk replaced the bowl or cup
of tea lifted in both hands the green
tea made to roll around inside the
bowl the cup turned and
carefully placed on the mat to the
ladies left. Then the young girl
rose walked with measured step

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