the young girl did as before placing
it before Pete. While he finished
drinking his tea, she came over to my
cup, still at right angles, knelt,
we bowed and she lifted my cup
and turned walking back, always
with measured steps, and placing
it near tea maker. Then returning
to her position until the next cup
of tea should be ready. When she
would return Pete's cup on her way
back so to speak. The tea maker
first put boiling water into the
bowl I had used as carefully as the
tea was made. Then she whisked
it around. Then I think poured the
water into a shallow dish and at
sometime took a tiny white cloth
which was placed over the rim and
the cup was turned or maybe the
cloth returned to rest on the bamboo
piece like a napkin ring. and
then she started making tea. It
took some time but was such a

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