quite sort of refined ceremony.
When we had all finished they asked
if we would like another cup and we didn't know whether we should
hurt their feelings by saying "no"
or be greedy by saying "yes". We
hesistated and said "yes". They
seemed quite pleased and the
young priest gave us a very clear
demonstration of how simply and
gracefully it could be done. They
seemed pleased that we should be
awais to do it the right way and
were so smiling and pleasant
all the time. When we had all
finished another cup, the lady went
through just as many slow and
careful motions taking the things
out, putting more water in the brazier,
putting the lids on etc.

By the time one of my feet had
lost all feeling but it came too
without any pins and needles.
Sitting for hours at a time on the floor is not easy.

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