Imperial Hotel

Dearest Mother, Tuesday, April 10 1934

I'm getting way behind in writing you and maybe this afternoon i can catch up a bit . We have been very busy with painting lessons every day last week and we tried not to do too much in the evenings. It was pretty hard work. The ........ .... been so new friend and really have done much too much for us. All the time we don't know we should do, but it's all very interesting anyway. The first day Mr. Muyaoka asked us who we knew in Japan and made a list of people he thought would wait to see us, then he informed them all we were here and left cards at the hotel and at the .... we were having lessons , so we have lots of cards and letters must return cards or do something. He really rather funny.
9 letters go back where i left off maybe thursday we were at Mr. Hotla all day leaving ...... brought in us there. Each day is very much the same . We have the directions? of how to get there written on a card wich we show the Taei driver . He can always ...... him the last .... of the way.
The house is open and we walk in leave our shoes and go upstairs in the room in which we work. The .... .... and use to heat the room and the fill ........ we draw on is there, with the water brushes etc so we stait in painting. The student who works for Mr Hotla leaves us and arrives with tea. Mr. Hotla comes soon after and we are busy painting and copying the drawings he has already put in our books. Pete lost a little interest in copying flowers wich he didnt know much about it and so did .

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