harder than ever. Some girls, three I think joined us on the safety island, and still no car. Then a man in Japanese dress with a large umbrella arrived. He was very polite & held it over the girls. So we got under it too, and the six of us stood huddled together. The Japanese umbrellas are really very large. The man was awfully nice and enjoyed the joke and at last a car came. We bought an umbrella from an old lady as we got off the car and about three minutes afterwards it stopped raining. We had fun walking along the shopping street but all the tourist shops were closed. We were looking in a bamboo shop window, and a man came up insisting we go with him and see his Bamboo things. So we followed him and his [?] little boy and spent a very pleasant evening admiring his work. They do make beautiful things, and the model houses were almost too much for me. However we haven;t succeeded [?] yet, are going back.

This morning Friday - a message came while we were having breakfast that Dr Siehi was coming to call very soon and he arrived soon after nine. Siehi he didn't think would be up from [?] until later but he had nothing to do to-day and would like to take us around. We went in the morning to see the opening of the exhibition of fencing and jijitsu - it was awfully intersting and we felt we were in real Japan. The building is almost lik a temple, very large inside and a sort of raised dias or throne in the center of one long side. The building is only 30 years old but is made like the one built in 1100 or eleven hundred years ago. I forget which. The center is all polished floor, and about twenty feet around the edge is a raised section where the audience sits. Also they sit outside and look through the open windows (all the wiggles are people). [Drawing appears in bottom left-hand corner.] The balcony is all around the building . There is a railing in the windows, and sort of shutters that lift up inside. Then the people sit on the straw matting inside & only the round pillars support the roof - I've made the

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