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Imperial Hotel

was a printer, the size of a Leica Camera, with which you can
print positive film or make contact prints. the kind we send
you. In a short time it should really pay for itself. Then the
man put us in a taxi and told the man where to take us to
the Olympic Restaurant where they speak English. I had
some strawberries & cream which would rival Concord berries
in June. Then we walked back gazing at the shops which
take all ones strength of character to keep out of.

After getting back here I've written this letter since the eleventh
page about and now its supper time. Pete went in search of a
bowl for developing and though we passed a yard full of
crokkery in a taxi he couldn't find it on foot. Its time to go now, I
wonder will this letter go in an envelope. I hope you don't
get worn out reading such a scribble for I shan't attempt
to reread it.

I forgot to tell you about the babies. They look as if they
had been stuffed inside a bed pillow with only their head
hands and sometimes feet left out, they have so many
clothes on, often bright red kimonas on top.
{dashed line underneath this paragraph}

It is now eleven-thirty and we have only just
come in from our walk. You never knew anything so
fascinating in your life. Well maybe when you were here it
was pretty nice but perhaps you didn't stroll around the back
streets, right out from the hotel you can start and walk
all evening and still be in tiny streets, no sidewalks and
even alleys between the houses which aren't more than
four feet wide. The houses are mostly Japanese and you
can often catch glimpses inside. The clogs left inside
the front door and then mats a step above that level at which
you enter. There are all sorts of doorways using bent wood.