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CJBarr at May 25, 2023 07:45 AM


After the rain its very clear. Don't expect to hear from me for some time as the mails are apt to be slow from China.
If first go mail a letter from you written March 30th& one from Russell writtend the 18th of April in New York. Yours filled in a gap about the Easter Egg hunt party. Being [?] very slow in coming but Russell's was quicker than a letter giving news all evidently wrote the day before.

All expect to be in Peking about two weeks. Then by the blue express to Shanghai and boat to Hong Kong. Don't worry for there is no use worrying, and if there is ever anything that might worry you I'll try to guess what it is and cable. Remember that papers exaggerate things like stories. Any way if old ladies gad about the country alone, I gues we can.

Loads of love to you all and so very much to you. Catharine

Monday, May 14, 1934