swim the horses but have
a hard time to find deep
enough water for [grie..o.d?]
but they do swim a stroke
or two. There is nothing
to climb as Murchison
is across the Mistaya
Wilson across the Sask R.
+ Sarbach pretty far.
"Field Day" with Tug o war
etc in aft. Tenement
vs others. [Twonibly, Bert?]
+ Frank on our side. Played
sardines after supper
+ forfeits. Barbara hides
on river bank + I found
her first + almost fell in.

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Mount Murchison, 3,353 metres, is named after Sir Rodney Murchison, an English geologist.
Mistaya River flows 38 km from Peyto Lake to the North Saskatchewan River.
Mount Sarbach, elevation 3,155 metres, is named after Peter Sarbach, a Swiss mountain guide.
Mount Wilson, elevation 3,260 metres, is named after Tom Wilson, an early explorer of the Rocky Mountains.