June 27 - 1930. Friday
3pm train to N.Y.C. Hotel [Perera]
Roxy's in pm - with Ma [&] Dad.
June 28 - 1930 - Saturday.
Elwood over on 7am train. Dad
and I to grand Central Art galleries
then to S.S. Leviathan, Pier 86.
foot of W.46th St. Baggage consists
of one large suitcase each (3)
1 black suitcase for bottles, 1 carryall
for shoes. 1, hatbox, my duffle -
steamer trunk. Small bag of BHG.
for passports etc. My camera (movie)
umbrellas [&] ice ax -
Caroline [Huimau] [&] Crick [Aruesting]
to see us off. Sail at noon D.S.T.
Packages [&] greetings.
1. Mary R[a]ssweiler [handRuchig]
2. A[rure] Dieler [handRuchig]
3. Louise R[utherfrd] [handRuchig]
4. Edith Stuart "Destiny Bay" [?]
5. Ruth Blake [book]
6. Miss Gillespie glaci prunes [&]

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