Wednesday July 9. 1930.
Went to office of American [Co.?]. of The League of Nations Assm. back of Kursaal. -Then to International Labor Institute where
we were shown through by Miss Adeline Taylor, sister of Harriet Taylor Mauck - [?]
a [S..ith] girl + in research work
in wash Branch of I.L.O. In
afternoon to the League of Nations
hdqts - where we were lectured to
by Hillsdale College, much. Prof.
W. H. Roberts. Then to Cathedral
where mother + I climbed 150 steps
uptown fn? view of city - Then to
Monument to Servettes + to picture?
of aire (glacier water from Chamunix)
+ Rhone - all in taxi.

Thursday July 10 - 1930 - In aft.
drove to Chateau de Monetier
between two Mt. Saleves + then
around Mt Saleve.

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