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Imperial Hotel
[right column] Friday, late afternoon.
[right column] March 30, 1934,

To continue, after lunch with Mrs Miyaoka we 'greet?' Pete & Mr
Miyaoka coming out of the Rotary, and then together drove to [..gno]
Park, which I imagine has changed very little except for a few new
buildings. We stopped and saw the two trees planted by you.
and Mrs Grant over fifty years ago. The height of the trees gave
us some idea of how long ago it was you were in Japan. We
saw the monument near by reading why and when they were
planted, then we called on a friend at the Art Gallery, who
wasn't there, so we proceeded to the Artist, Mr 'Hotla's?' house.

We had told Mrs Miyaoka that we would like to study
Japanese painting but hadn't expected to start quite so soon.
However there was no real reason why we shouldn't begin. The
house is Japanese and as we stayed at the door, Mr 'Hotla?' looked
out from upstairs. We went in leaving our shoes in the little vestibule
and went upstairs, where their was a fairly large room, the
center screens having been removed. Three sides of which
were sliding paper screens, {word struck out" 'and'} being outside partitions and
the other long side {word struck out: 'there'} was composed of the recessed place
with its kakimona and screened closets. The floor having
mats. Four low chairs and a low table were in the front part
of the room and we sat there to talk. Mrs 'Hotla?' came
up with some tea, 'Foreign?' style, and there was much very
low bowing. She is very sweet and small. Mr Miyaoka had
to leave being a very busy man, but we three stayed deciding