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We would rest outside for five minutes
and then they would think we were
as fresh as could be. [?] [?] was
on us for none of them had arrived
we went to a cabin and washed up had
a little rum to warm us up and then
lay down on the bed until we were
[?] I wasn't as moist as Pete,
We both dosed off. When Murray
came in with a drink and hot rum
and lemon. Just a little you know
but it [?] us up [?]
It was after eleven by then. Every
one was there and we [?]
woke up. It was all [?] of [?]
they danced and even Pete and I did too.
and they saw and as the car
drivers took the girls here? for a
drive it was after two when they
all went home. We must be in
pretty good condition for we covered
over 25 miles yesterday and it was
all up and down and over half of it
as hard going as one could find
still we woke at 8.30 this morning
only a little stiff in the back a
or the legs.
It pouring hard this morning so its
just as well we got there. Its no use

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