{Top left, handwritten in red: '48'} Wednesday. July 27, 1932

Dearest Mother

We got back here in Banff late yesterday
afternoon after the most successful painting trip we have
had yet and really we were feeling awfully strong and
fit. For climbing does develope muscles.

There were two letters from you here and one
from Jean and I was so distressed to hear that you had
had another awful attack of eczema?. Somehow I had
hoped that the change of going to Rockport would start it
getting well again and then with noone in the house
to think of you would soon be feeling quite your old
self again. Maybe being at a distance makes me more
optimistic about its improving. Pete wondered yesterday
if it would help if you could come out here for two or
three weeks for the house is settled enough now so
that you could really stay with us. But then I
wondered if you would weren't too sick to make the
trip. Would you like me to come home for a while?
For if it would help any I'd love to. If you would
wire after? you get this letter for me to come. I'd
leave on the next train. I'll send this letter air
mail so you will have it soon and then if you
send a wire the minute it arrives I'd be in Concord
in a few days. It really would be awfully nice
to be home even if it was hot I have shelled
peas here but there seemed to be so few to do
compared with the large bowls of them we used
to shell on the piazza when it was cool in the
morning. I'd love to see the garden again too and after

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