ours look as if we were pretty commercial. Murray?
Adaskin? was pretty upset about it too, so we are going
to find out today what the idea was in their
hanging it and maybe take ours down. Then we
saw Mr Palenski a Chicago artist who is an old
friend of Pete's and he gave us both critisizms on our
pictures which were awfully true. We also saw the
Oakes? and George Vaux and then Murray came down {Right margin, handwritten in pencil: 'X'}
here to see the pictures we have just done {Handwritten in pencil: 'X'} to see if
there was one they would like for Mr Key's? present.

Then this morning all sorts of things seemed to
happen. Mr Kingman? from Minneapolis left word he
would be here Friday to make arrangements for next
year skiing. Pete saw Mr Gibbon who has guaranteed
us passes anywhere on the C.P.R. to drum up ski
parties and was awfully interested in everything.
Tee was around wanting to borrow sleeping [.ogs].
And then Mrs White came down to give us a
message& stayed a while to discuss where Victor
should stay. He has been sleeping at Lila's?
but it crowds them and also he has been there
a long time & you have no real privacy with a
person in the house most of the time. There seems
an awful lot to think of some times. Mr Palenski
will be here for tea this afternoon and also a lady
from Honolulu who is anxious to come skiing
next winter. We may go to Calgary tonight as
we have several things to do and the Panets?
arrive this weekend. However I could get away
very easily the first of the month which is
mknday and leave Pete to paint two Indians
and with Victor go on another sketching trip. So

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