Sunday afternoon-
To continue - I caused quite a sensation at Lake
Louise by appearing in my kilt but it really is a
good thing to walk in though I seem to be the only
person to have thought of it. We all gathered after
breakfast and finally left at 8.30 9.00 I think it was.
We walked pretty steadiluntil lunch time with
only one or two stops and beside Lake Annette the
sun was out very little and it looked like rain .
We went up Paridice Valley at at one had lunch
just below Sentinel Pass. We had been there about
half an hour before te second party caught up to
us. Som were quite slow but I thought everyone
did surprisingly well. Its quite a stiff climb up
Sentinel Pass first over snow and then up a
steep rock slope but the view from the top is
l lovely. We looked down on our camp ground in
Larch Valley where we camped with Vic last summer
and the Ten Peaks were lovely. Then we had a good
shower of rain to go down in. There were some
fine patches of snow which are great fun to
slide down. Your feet act as skies and you use
your stick to break you speed. You can go quite
fast. It cleared off quite a bit later on and
Moraine Lake was the loveliest deep turquoise I
ever saw. I wish you could have seen the
flowers. The Alpine Meadows are like gardens
just thick with flowers.

We didn't reach the camp until nearly six
so it was quite a day having had no exercise

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