{Top left corner, handwritten red: '13'} 5
come up again, but after they have to
replant. The usual varieties of cane
grow every which way and so they burn
the fields and in that way get rid of
the excess green, leaving just the cane,
which is then piled into little carts
and is taken to the Sugar mill on a tiny
{Left margin, handwritten pencil: 'X'} Railroad. The cane that is burnt has to
be made into Sugar within so many
hours or one or two days and so they
burn only as much of the field as
they can handle at once. Each
plantation has cane at all stages
first planted up to all refined. They
grow it very scientifically and have
laboratories for testing it etc.

The road in lots of places is lined
with Hibiscus trees all flowering in
various shades of bright red down to [p.l.ete]?
Some trees flower at the same time that
they bare fruit as there are no real seasons here.

We passed a fascinating little inlet
before reaching Hanalei and then came
to the edge of a steep hill and there
were the green rice fields, the blue
harbor with its sandy beach all the
way around and beautiful mountains
in behind. It is a lovely sight and
the river winding through it all.

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