last minute but the last second.
I'm not telling this at all well. For
I never said anything about the
men who went around lashing this
and that firmly to the deck. and
removing all movable things and
taking in the Radio mast and
Antenna. Anyway all this was
done and all the men inside and
we in the Coning tower with the
hole still open & the Captain on
the bridge. Orders were given to dive
at such a time and one sailor
stood under the open hole giving
the time left to the Captain. "ten
seconds. Sir" I was wondering
what in the world the Captain
was doing up there "five seconds
Sir." and still he didn't appear-
to tell the truth I was a bit
impatient. the bow had already
gone under, as we could see
looking through the portholes, then
"4 seconds" and the Captains

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