Imperial Hotel
Easter Sunday
April 1, 1934

Dearest Mother
I know there are lots of things I've forgotten to tell you
and I can't even remember to take a slip of paper to write them down
on. I never told you about the (funny card?) in the show we show we saw.
The one with the two horses. In the first scene of the play as the
curtain rose one saw a woodland scene and three monkeys
seasawing away. We judged they were monkeys by their pink
bottoms, which was about all we had time to see. They must have
been tiny children. Then there was a dear poking it's head out
of the underbrush which was very funny. A large head loosely
attached to a queer shaped body. Then a white horse appeared
and we realized it was not a farce but serious drama. Peter
on in the Mongolean desert some one rode in on a camel. It
was the funniest looking camel I've ever seen, and thought it
was two men inside. Though the (chewing?) of the mouth was very
realistic. The legs were awfully short and it had a clumsey
body and not much of a (hump?). Pete said of course it was real
but even then I wasn't sure.

Yesterday was a very busy day for us. We went up to Mr
Botta's early. We go in a taxi to the Art School in (Aeno?) Park and
from there direct the taxi driver through raucous tiny streets which
we (??) the first day and eventually arrived at Mr Botta's door.
After much (??) on the part of the taxi driver. They have
numerous 50 (seu?) taxis and that means you can go any where
in the city for 15 cents. It's a wonderful arrangement though some
times the drivers are a bit nerve racking. No one seemed to be
there when we arrived, but we went upstairs and after
(warming ?) air felt we decided we might as well start. Boon two

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