students of Mr Botta's arrived and after much searching in the
Japanese English dictionary found the word "visitor"
so we gathered Mr Botta had an unexpected visitor . Then they
looked some more and found "regret". However we could find find
nothing to say it was "allright" though we took turns searching.
We even found the word "coward" but nothing that helped us.
The Japanese was alphabetical I guess, but not the English
However if you smile and bow enough it is all right. Mrs
Miyaoka came before lunch and we didn't leave until 2:30.
The lunch was very nice. Hot soup with mushrooms and fish
and fried eel on rice. Then our kind of tea followed immediately
by Japanese tea. Then oranges, which they eat so neatly. They
break the skin off in one cup shaped piece and then put
the inside skin into the outside skin. Sometimes seeking the
juicey part out of its skin. Other times sort of spitting the pits
onto a piece of outside skin. All very neatly.

Did I tell you the other day Mr Miyaoka looked out
the window soon after we had arrived at Mr Botta's and on
bringing his head back in he said was just seeing if
anyone was watching the shoes as now in the cities there are
a good many shoe theives. The same day Pete was down
stairs and just checked up on the shoe situation and there
was no sign of either pair. He came up and tried to ask
Mrs Botta after a while understood what he meant
and went down with him, looked into the cupboard, no
shoes. Pete was sure then that they were stolen, but
luckily after more searching they were found carefully
hidden away. Still it would be a bit akward arriving
at the hotel in ones stocking feet in a snowstorm

Yesterday afternoon (Arinatsu?) came for us to take us
out to his house in the country. Ole feist road by Shiba Park
in a taxi, which was lovely then through crowded streets to
the station, We saw the most remarkable fire engine.
It was the size of a motor cycle and side car the
tricycle (theory?) one wheel in front. Two behind a regular

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