Imperial Hotel
toy fingurie on to. One man driving two standing behind.
It was the most remarkable sight, but the only thing for
the narrow streets and quite necessary in a city like this.
We went out on an inter urban sort of electric one car, but
they run every three or four minutes and it was a very
easy way to get out. Tokyo is like Boston. Providence or any
other city that is growing and new houses are springing up
all around like Bellmont or Arlington. There was about a five
or ten minute walk from the station to their house, which
reminded me a lot of the section around Wellesley. Their
house is modern but very attractive. They take their shoes
off before entering and provide nice soft carpet slippers. In
consequences the floors are much more polished than most
dining room tables, especially the stairs. It must save a
lot of sweeping. We sat for a little while and Mrs.Urinatsu
came in looking very pretty in a lovely Japanese costume.
I think most people must wear their native costume when
indoors for it is more becoming and more comfortable. Mr. Botta
showed us how much better the Japanese style of dress is
for him as he can sprawl in any way on the floor while
painting and yet be comfortable and nothing bind. Mr.
Urinatsu had told us he would take us for a walk around
the country there, but neither of us thought by that he meant
at least four miles. However we enjoyed every minute of it
and it felt nice to be walking briskly once more. It was
cloudy and rather grey when we started and I expected it would
soon be dark however we were gone an hour and twenty minutes
and the lights were first coming on as we got back. The country
reminded me a lot of that around Boston, a few hills but
not clear enough to see very far. The distance fading off to nothing,

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