towards cup of tea. She knelt, drew
out red napkin the size of a handkerchief
which was folded about 2 1/2 by 4 1/2
placed it on her left hand, unfolded
it making a square 5 x 4 1/2(well say)
lifted the cup turning it so that a
certain side faced front. Placed it
on red cloth in left hand. ( I believe she
bowed once before lifting cup of tea)
Then rose and turning only at right
aneles walked towards me, knelt
and placed cup on mat in front of
(As a matter of fact the young
priest did this at feist time as the
girl drank the first tea to show me how,
but the young girl did it every time
afterwards). Then we both bowed . I
then picked the cup with my right
hand balancing it on the palm of
my left hand, raised it above my
head and bowed, then held it down
nearly touching my left knee and
rolled the tea around in the cup
once they raised it in both hands
and with three long swallows
each entirely separate and one last
and louder suck drank all the tea,

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