Imperial Hotel

Thursday afternoon we were to go to Mrs Nitobe's for tea. She
had written to ask us. Dr Nitobe was the head of the delegation (Jap)
to the Conference in Banff last summer and it was he who we
gave the sketch to, to show to his friend Seiko. Mrs Nitobe
was a Philadelphia girl, an old friend of Mrs Walcott who comes
to Banff every summer, also Mrs Warren who now lives in Banff,
and Mrs Vane who married into the Walcott family. She also
Mrs. William Wheeler in Concord, as Dr Nitobe knew Mr
Wheeler very well, was a student of his I think. Dr Nitobe died
in Victoria last fall. Mrs Nitobe has very bad heart trouble.
We had quite a time finding her house though in that section
there are numerous plans posted on the fences to show where
people live. The taxi man was very obliging and got out to
enquire numerous times and we backed around lots of
corners and at last found the house. It was a very interesting
section so we rather enjoyed being unable to get there too easily.
The house is very interesting as Mrs Nitoble [sic] has cleverly
combined Japanese features with European, and though
the house is in the midst of other places, it is surrounded
by garden and trees and is quite set away from the
city, as the trees and shrubs hide everything. Mrs Nitobe
was upstairs and we had tea there. A Mi??s Thompson,
who was born in Japan and teaches here was also there
and we had a very pleasant time. There was so much
to talk about that it was hard not to all talk at once.
They have some new beautiful pictures by Seiko?, and
Mrs Nitobe said that the sketch had been returned to
Seiko who was now an old man and very interested to
have it. We may be able to see him when we go to
Kyoto. Count somebody or other called, so in order not to

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