all talk to Mrs Nitobe at once. Miss Thompson took us down-
stairs to see the house and other Seiko pictures. They had one
picture of a deer on a snowy slope that was perfectly lovely
and several others, very beautiful. We are supposed to go
and see Mrs Nitobe again before going to Kyoto.

In the evening, it being a fairly warm spring night we
walked on the Genza?. We tried to find a restaurant that seemed
to be nearby but had a very funny time. The addresses are
all blocks not streets, or else squares, and you have to just
look for a place. The names are all in characters so that doesn't
tell us anything. We looked hoping to have the name written both
ways, but had no luck, so being near a sort of post office, we
went in and enquired. Yes yes a boy would speak English and
tell us. The boy appeared and dashed out into the street we
following. He walked half a block to a busy corner and
stepped on the curb, Pete on one side I on the other. He raised
his arm and pointed, not a word, he lowered it again. We
waited, he raised it started to say something, but didn't, and
again p???led lowered his arm. Pete tried to help by sugesting
"next street left," not a word, so I suggested "next street right"
still nothing. We stood this way I don't know how long.
The boy concentrating evidently but to no avail. I almost got
giggly for after about five minutes it looked as if we never
would be able to get away, far less get directions. We didn't
know what to do for he didn't even try to speak, just stood
thinking. Suddenly again the arm went up, and this time
there was a torrent of English. It surprised us so that though
it was in perfect sentences and all the proper directions, we
couldn't understand what it was all about. It stopped as
abruptly as it began, the boy bowed low very politely
and we bowed too, and he returned to the office. We
procceeded [sic] across the street and the first turn to the left
which we vaguely remembered, for what else could we do.
However we were no further ahead so asked a girl in a little

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