Imperial Hotel

street. She was very polite and smiling but didn't know what
we wanted. However she pointed to a little very Japanesey house
across the way. Its rather hard to tell what is inside, as from
the top of the door pieces of torn cloth hang down to about two
or three feet above the ground. You can walk through but can't see
through. Pete poked his head inside and it looked so clean +
neat and fascinating that I followed. There was a little vestibule
all very Japanese, stairs on the right a counter or rather windows
with several men in a sort of kitchen behind preparing fish dishes,
a few stools one could sit on at a sort of counter. Much bowing
and the proprietress tried to understand what we would like and
we equally unsuccessfully tried to tell her. It ended by our being
ushered into a tiny room, removing our shoes first. The room was
really just big enough for us, a red laquered table in the center,
the kabi???ia and flowers behind me. The rest screens.
The Japanese lady left us shut in the little room and then the screens
were slid back and she produced a menu, of course in characters,
however she decided what we wanted. First we had some sort
of pickled oysters. At least Pete thought they were more like
oysters than anything else, and they had a funny sort of
consistency. Anyway we decided they must be a great
delicacy so ate them with enjoyment Then an electric plate
was attached and a most delicious sort of fresh chowder
brought in. All kinds of vegetables in it and large pieces of
delicious fish. We also ordered Saké and then had rice
and tea. There were also sort of pickled vegetables and a
delicious bean jelly cake dessert, very delicate and the
beans were in the filling. The whole thing was beautifully
served. Always the wooden chop sticks one breaks apart.

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