Imperial Hotel

Thursday April 5th was the day at Mr Hotlas when they performed
the tea ceremony at the Priests, about which I wrote you in great
detail, and that evening I wrote you + Pete did fetues?.

Friday we had another lesson and then in the late afternoon
went down to Yokohama by train. We were afraid we might be
too late to go to the C.P.R. but it stays open idefinitely [sic], stores
never close and often offices stay open until all hours. The
mail had just come in and while it was being sorted we
talked to Mr. Herbert, the second in command there so to speak. He
told us of a wood artist who we could go to see working.
Also about the trip up through Korea and Manchuria to Pieping.
It is so safe now for travelling that they have resumed a trip
that they haven't had for eleven or maybe sixteen years. It costs
50 dollars gold which is more reasonable than we expected. We
will decide later about going, but don't you dare worry
about us. We shan't go to India if it will be too hot and
we don't want the plague any more than you want us to have
it. You know from our point of view and reading papers it would
seem as if you were in twice as much danger of being shot
in the states as we are of getting either shot or sick here. You
really mustn't worry for if you could see how we
travel and all, you would know how safe we are.

Loads of love always and I'll try to get a _________

This didn't get mailed so I will try to finish it now.
Friday evening we went to the "Pres Hoover" but found Miss
James wasn't a passenger after all. However we saw
the mate Carl Hawkins and had a very nice talk with
him. He was busy looking after the loading of cargo, but

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