we managed to have a long chat on the stairs. We also caught
another glimpse of Bill, ?id + Merthcri? that Friday morning as
I was waiting for Pete in the lobby I saw a man come in who
looked exactly like Tough Bill, one of the Hawaiian boys.
I couldn't believe it was him and he looked the same way
about me, but we were both right. a Mr Bragg (who we later
found out from Mr Pennet?) is a partner of Mr Smith? who lead
the large family on the ?Leerline? etc. and he liked Bill in
Honolulu and decided to take him round the world as a
body guard. He's over six feet and very strong. They won't be
back until after Congress is through this year. It's really funny
how one runs into people. We had Sukiyaki at a very
nice restaurant on teh pier run by the Imperial Hotel and
it was so good that yesterday when we were down there we
went again. Had a waitress who spoke English asked
where we came from. Had been to New York to visit her
uncle and stayed in Banff for ten minutes, having gone
across Canada by train!

{X}Saturday was our last lesson which I wrote about. It
was nearly five when we got back and we were pretty tired
for it really was very tiring sort of work. It meant lots of
concentration as well as the sitting on our knees and drinking
a heap of tea. However we went to a movie to see some Viennese
dancers who are staying here. However the attractive person we
were sure was the ballerina, wasn't, and the dancing
was rather disappointing I thought. Very modern and an
awful effort evidently. "Alice in Wonderland" was the movie
which I thought also a bit disappointing. It could have
been so much better. "Midnight Mary" was very good
though. Movie shows here last four hours, so we missed
the first half.

Sunday was the day of the painting party to which
Mr Hotla had invited us. His subscribers party. The
subscribers pay so much and go to the party during

(I'll send the rest later today)

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