Imperial Hotel

during the day. Mr Hotlas pictures which he has painted on
12 inch square cards, are hung around the room and his
friends six or more artists paint all day on the floor to
entertain the guests. In the end they get {carat:one of }Mr Hotla's
paintings and I believe one of the other artists. They draw
lots for them. The artists in turn have parties and Mr
Hotla paints at them, but the money taken in all goes
to the man who's [sic] party it is, rather a nice idea. Mrs Miyaoke
had said that she would go with us which was very nice,
and then we got a note saying that they would call for
us at 11,30 taking us to a real Japanese meal first. We really
hadn't meant them to take us for dinner as we were going to
Yokohama in the morning to see the "Empress of Britain" come in.
However they have been so kind we didn't like to refuse +
{pencilled:X}couldn't very well any how.{pencilled:┘} It was a day. We were up at
six having tea in our room and were at the Pier in Yokohama
before eight. The boat was in ahead of time and first tied up.
It really is the largest ship I ever saw. In fact has the highest
mast of any ship but in tonnage is a little less than some.
Still entering at the dining saloon level it looked enormous.
We had to wait some time as they were having some trouble
over some lady having been seen from shore on the inland sea
taking pictures of a fortified area, however it was impossible
to find out who she was.

We were soon allowed on and found Lucy Kerr not
awake and so had breakfast with Harry Pollard. He was
terribly surprised to see us not knowing we were anywhere
near Japan. We had coffee + toast with him and heard
a few scraps of news of Banff. Then we went to wake
Lucy who was pretty surprised too, and while she was

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